Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Interview with Cherry Schacher

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What will you be bringing to the Holiday Crafts on Madison show and sale?

This year, once again, I'm bringing some new work to the show.  I've been making these cute little elf boot/stockings to hang on a tree and/or use as a pretty way to give a small gift (maybe a piece of Loretta's jewelry).  They come with a bell on them so that you will be heard if you're trying to peek!  I've also made some more traditional sized stockings for those larger items (with a corresponding larger and noisier bell).

 I've expanded on the Petal jackets I started last year, so I have quite a good selection of those, and I've also, finally gotten to those vests I've been sketching for the past 3 years - they're made from a soft, chenille like fabric and drape wonderfully.  And for those of you who bought snowball hats last year (or wish you had) they now have matching scarves.

I will have a selection of quilts, as usual, along with the placemats, pot holders and napkins.

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