Thursday, October 25, 2012

Loretta Fontaine Jewelry and Photography at 2012 Holiday Crafts at The Woman's Club of Albany

{Loretta Fontaine}
{Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Meredith necklace with Stuyvesant Fern miniature original photograph, freshwater pearls, iolite and topaz}
{"Trees" black and white photography by Loretta Fontaine}

{"Tulip Tree Unfolding" black and white photography by Loretta Fontaine}

{"Climbing" black and white photography by Loretta Fontaine}
Where do you work and what do you do?
Loretta Fontaine: I have a background in architecture and am a writer, photographer and jewelry designer in Delmar, New York - just south of Albany. I learned photography in graduate school - we had a full darkroom in the architecture department. We also had a metal and wood shop - I learned to enjoy working with my hands.

What are you looking forward to at 2012 Holiday Crafts at The Woman's Club of Albany?
Loretta Fontaine: It's a really intimate show set in a beautiful historic building. Great exhibitors, food and proceeds benefit the programs of the Club.

What are you excited to bring to the show?
Loretta Fontaine: I'm thrilled to debut my new book Eco-Happy: Three Steps Towards An Earth-Friendly Life. I've written articles and a monthly column for a magazine in the past - but a book is another story, and I'm curious to see what people think. I went through years of my photography to cull the images for the book, and will have some of the fine art photography used in the book will be available for purchase at the show as well. I hope to get a lot of feedback on this new adventure!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ali Herrmann at 2012 Holiday Craft Show at The Woman's Club of Albany

Marilyn Desmond at The 2012 Holiday Craft Sale at The Woman's Club of Albany

mosaics by Marilyn Desmond

mosaics by Marilyn Desmond

Where do you work and what do you do?
Marilyn Desmond: I make mosaic d├ęcor for both the home and garden, using the pique assiette mosaic technique, which is the use of shards of china to make the designs. I recycle wonderful old china to make beautiful new pieces.  My favorite work is making decorated turtles and other garden critters which brighten up the yard.  I also make picture frames, trays, mirrors and flower containers.  Because I love gardening and I love colors, I truly enjoy my work.  Each piece is different, which is very time consuming but I never get bored.  I work in my home studio, which is a side porch on my home in Albany, where I get to look out over my tomato plants in summer and snowfall in winter.  And I get to go shopping everywhere for colorful old china!
What are you looking forward to at show?
Marilyn Desmond:I enjoy meeting new people at shows, they always have great stories to tell.  Since the WCA is a smaller more intimate setting, it should be very relaxed and fun, with lots of time to swap stories. I also really look forward to having new folks see my work, it’s rather unique and most folks enjoy it.
What are you excited to bring to the show?
Marilyn Desmond:I’ve recently started making more indoor mosaic animal pieces, which really show off the technique of pique assiette, and showcase wonderful antique china patterns.  I always enjoy telling customers the history of the china I’ve used on a particular piece which adds to the charm of the work.

Poster for the show!

Fran Raia at 2012 Holiday Crafts on Madison

Fran Raia: I am so excited to be returning to this show. I am a stay at home Granny, in my spare time I make one of a kind purses using vintage and some newer fabrics.

I am looking forward to bringing my new designs  to the show and seeing new and former customers. I also look forward to seeing the other artists that make up this wonderful show. See you at the Mansion!!

Mauri Davis Lewis of Sistahs Vintage Aprons at 2012 Holiday Craft Show at The Woman's Club of Albany

apron by Mauri Davis Lewis of Sistahs Vintage Aprons

apron by Mauri Davis Lewis of Sistahs Vintage Aprons
Mauri Davis Lewis: I am the product visionary of Sistahs Vintage Aprons and newly retired teacher after thirty-two years in the field. Being able to create lovely products sustained me through a very difficult career. Having a lovely item to look at, be admired and sold to an appreciative audience always outweighed an evening of vegging in front of the t.v. or polishing off a bottle of anything
alcoholic. No hangover and money in my pocket for producing a great product is quite heady.

I am looking forward to introducing new creations to discerning customers looking for unique gifts for the holiday season. It is so enjoyable to have regular supporters come back and have delightful conversation while engaging in selling. I anticipate a great deal of fun introducing new styles and fabric patterns. My aprons are limited edition items. Each fabric and pattern combination is made in limited numbers which makes for more product appeal as a gift item. The another appeal is the interaction that occurs between the vendors. There is a true comaraderie that happens at these events which seems to makes the day fly by. A  lot of fun is had by vendors and customers.

Barbarajean Weingart at 2012 Holiday Craft SHow at The Woman's Club of Albany

work by Barbarajean Weingart
Barbarajean Weingart
Barbarajean Weingart: I work in my studio at home and I spend time developing new designs and artwork.  I have been a working artist for the past 25 years.  I have a Master's degree in Textile and Fashion Design from Syracuse University and love what I do.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and adorning them with my hand painted silk scarves and jackets.

I am excited to bring new ideas to the show, and I always get new ideas from my customers as well.

Nancy Miller at 2012 Holiday Craft Show at The Woman's Club of Albany

silver ring by Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller: work in my very messy studio in Saratoga Springs designing and creating jewelry that is easy to wear and love.  My designs are primarily fine and sterling silver and are accented with gemstones, high karat gold, pearls and mixed metals.

I love participating in the Holiday Crafts on Madison show because it is such a unique historic setting with a dedicated group of fantastic women who support the Womans Club of Albany.  Although I do sell my jewelry in larger shows, I appreciate the intimate boutique feeling to this show.  It is great to be able to tell the story behind my designs and help people find the perfect pieces for gift giving or to compliment their personal style and wardrobe.

I'm especially excited about my new line of sterling rings.  I've been making loads of them because I'm too excited to stop!  Some have messages inside - mantra like words - and others feature sparkling stones.  They are all fun to wear!  I'm also working on a line of sterling bracelets that I plan to have ready for the show.  My first ones have been very well received so I hope to have an array on display by November!