Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Marilyn Desmond at The 2012 Holiday Craft Sale at The Woman's Club of Albany

mosaics by Marilyn Desmond

mosaics by Marilyn Desmond

Where do you work and what do you do?
Marilyn Desmond: I make mosaic décor for both the home and garden, using the pique assiette mosaic technique, which is the use of shards of china to make the designs. I recycle wonderful old china to make beautiful new pieces.  My favorite work is making decorated turtles and other garden critters which brighten up the yard.  I also make picture frames, trays, mirrors and flower containers.  Because I love gardening and I love colors, I truly enjoy my work.  Each piece is different, which is very time consuming but I never get bored.  I work in my home studio, which is a side porch on my home in Albany, where I get to look out over my tomato plants in summer and snowfall in winter.  And I get to go shopping everywhere for colorful old china!
What are you looking forward to at show?
Marilyn Desmond:I enjoy meeting new people at shows, they always have great stories to tell.  Since the WCA is a smaller more intimate setting, it should be very relaxed and fun, with lots of time to swap stories. I also really look forward to having new folks see my work, it’s rather unique and most folks enjoy it.
What are you excited to bring to the show?
Marilyn Desmond:I’ve recently started making more indoor mosaic animal pieces, which really show off the technique of pique assiette, and showcase wonderful antique china patterns.  I always enjoy telling customers the history of the china I’ve used on a particular piece which adds to the charm of the work.

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